"...easy to follow; great results.  I value the ability to read and write in
cursive with ease."

~ GayLynn Ribeira, artist and former student ~

"When I take handwritten cursive notes in class I learn better than when
using a computer."

~ Barry Williams ~

"This series of lessons supports children's natural progression in cursive
handwriting development."

~ Katy Colt, Fourth grade teacher ~

"Learning cursive using Mrs. Corson's method made me feel like a big kid when I learned to write like the adults."
~ Susan Kistler ~

"As an adult, I enjoy the benefits of legible cursive handwriting when taking notes in class, quickly jotting down phone messages, or creating beautifully handwritten
thank you notes and personal letters."
~ Christy Ellis, former student ~

"Teaching Cursive!  This Method Works"
Copyright 2009 Linda L. Corson
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